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ICS Italiana Capers Sud srl offers quality products that it packs and sells in salt, vinegar and brine in a vast assortment of calibers (sizes) and packages capable of satisfying any need and request of customers.
Capers, for their unmistakable aroma and intense fragrance, flavor and sapidity to the dishes, enriching them. In particular, they give the dishes unique sensory characteristics. Furthermore, the tasting of the product, even as it is, undoubtedly represents an unmistakable taste experience.
The cucunci, with a delicate flavor, are ideal for multiple uses, perfect to accompany aperitifs and particularly suitable for the preparation of appetizers and tasty side dishes.
The Crushed Capers, “the novelty”, are a seasoning which, thanks to its practicality, versatility in dosage and use, is suitable for many dishes.
It is used “raw” on ready-made dishes at the end of cooking or to enhance the taste of cold dishes. 
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